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You love your business and want it to thrive. You're not looking for another social media hack at this point - you want foundational marketing that can carry you forward: a strong website with search engine optimization and compelling copy.

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I want us all to win.

I’m Courtney and I thrive
on your business goals.

If your brand is your baby, think of me as the fun aunt that buys it all the best clothes, takes great pictures of it, and helps you tell the whole world how amazing it is.

After over twelve years as a photographer, I pivoted into web design and education so fast it made my head spin.  Now?  I've got a team that can make your branding, website, photography, and SEO dreams come true.

mother of three - photographer - web designer - business coach


Join the community.

Have you ever wished you could be in a tight knit group of entrepreneurs that are hell bent on learning, implementing, growing, and *gasp*.. resting?  The Brave Business Collective may be perfect for you.

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Semi-custom websites complete with SEO.  Convert visitors to clients and feel good about sharing your link all across the interweb.

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Sarah is a luxury film photographer and needed a website that screamed 'fancy, but still fun.'

We chose a stunning TONIC template to customize for her brand and it truly took her work to the next level.  After years of a hard to edit Wordpress site, she now has an amazing, beautiful, and easy to update Showit website that aligns with her style and prices.

site & copy for sarah beth


We took Kimbrali's old wordpress site onto Showit with a simple but fun customization.

Within the first twenty-four hours, she had two wedding inquiries on her new website.  Before that, most of her inquiries were just random e-mails asking for details.  Now, her clients can get to know her amazing personality and then book her straight from the site!

site & copy  for kimbrali boyd


Elle went from a plain Squarespace website to a unique Showit template with customizations.

She's a busy wedding photographer and we worked together to organize her offers better while she was in the middle of selling her house and moving two hours away!  Her site is full of reviews, portfolio work, and truly shows how much she loves what she does.

site for elle frances


Danni couldn't edit her wordpress website, so she booked a VIP day to move to Showit and prep a template.

Danni was totally over trying to figure out how to edit her own website, so she reached out to see if she could move to Showit with a template she found and loved.  I went in and prepped her template so that all she needed to do was log in, switch out some of the copywriting throughout the site, and update a few of the images before hitting Publish.

vip day for danni duck photography


Lainey already had a Showit website, but it was really plain and didn't represent her fun and colorful business.

She wanted a site that felt like an experience and would burst at the seems with color, fun, and her beautiful family photography.  We included her wedding work, too, but because the focus of her business is on family and children, we made sure to keep that at the forefront of her website.

site + copy for Lainey Reed Photography




One on one coaching calls for those that need a power hour of clarity around their business & goals.

the vip day

needed help, yesterday?

One full work day dedicated to your project, whether it's prepping a template or knocking out website improvements.

Community Education

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Looking for a community of entrepreneurs that lift each other up, teach each other valuable skills, and hold each other accountable to both grow and rest?  The collective is perfect for you - from photographers to realtors, health professionals, and social media managers.

NO. 1 - monthly guest speakers

No. 2 - group coaching calls

No. 3 - community conversation

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northfolk's revolving revenue

The COMPLETE start-to-finish course for Showit DESIGNERS to help build & launch their automated template shop: is it worth joining when you're ready to scale your design business?

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why I waited so long

for a tonic showit template

 If you’ve been shopping for Showit website templates for any length of time, you must have realized that there are literally thousands.

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Hannah Reed + Co

Is Pinterest Worth It for Photographers?

Hannah is a PINTEREST queen and I reached out to her to shed some light on the darkness of Pinterest for photographers.  She talks about what your goals may be and how PINTEREST can help you get there as a photographer.

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