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You don't need an $8k custom website that takes months of collaboration.

let's be totally honest, here.

What you need is a gorgeous SEO-optimized website that calls in your ideal clients with aligned copywriting and gets them to reach out.  We specialize in sourcing the best Showit template and customizing it to fit your brand & business.

We start with a thorough SEO strategy, shift pages and canvases around to fit your products & services, change colors and fonts, write all of your copy, and curate your images to create one hell of a website so that you can continue to grow your business.

By the end of our time together, you'll have more than just a pretty site, we promise.

I couldn't wait and it's just as good as I expected it to be. Perfect.

Custom Home Builder

- Jarrett /

I just saw the homepage and I am obsessed. You are killing it.

Family Photographer

- Lainey /

Courtney I've gotten so many texts - everyone is obsessed. You killed the (brand) voice.

Wedding Photographer

- ERIC /

It does such a good job of describing who we are and looks so much better visually.  We did a quick scan and were basically crying.

Wedding Photography Team

- hannah & shelbey / lennon james photography

I'm obsessed with my website. My mom read it and she said 'it's like she's known you all of your life.'

Newborn Photographer

- kori /

Courtney CHANGED my business. She took my website and made it a DREAM! I truly love everything she does. She's so talented 10/10 recommend!

Hair and Scalp Expert & Influencer

- abagail /

She has made it easier for me to get the attention of others to book with me. You will be thanking yourself when you book with her. Forever will be thankful for her work.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

- ruby /

We sold a horse today that was posted on our website.. it's working already!

Cattle and Horse Farm

- staci /

Courtney Prejean

Websites have always been a thing for me.

during over a decade long photography career, my websites were pivotal in growing a 6f business as a mom of three little ones..

I didn't want to spend all my time on social media, so I leaned into creating websites that actually worked for me - giving my potential clients everything they needed to make the decision to schedule a session.

After retiring from full time photography, I knew helping other entrepreneurs do the same was such a natural next step and it has been an honor to work with so many talented photographers, coaches, realtors, home builders, and downright ambitious business owners.

mother of three - photographer - web designer - Marketing mentor

Web Design & Marketing



Showit Website Customization

Our signature and mini launch options take Showit templates through an entire customization process.

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Custom Brand Photography

Let's plan the perfect brand photoshoot to add across your site and socials to attract your dream clients.

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SEO  for Showit Websites

We've got three major SEO services to choose from that'll have Googlers knocking down your door.

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DIY Your Website

Not in a place to outsource your web design?  I'll help you DIY your own website, then.

diy like a designer

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