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Sarah is a luxury film photographer and needed a website that screamed 'fancy, but still fun.'

We chose a stunning TONIC template to customize for her brand and it truly took her work to the next level.  After years of a hard to edit Wordpress site, she now has an amazing, beautiful, and easy to update Showit website and booked her highest luxury wedding collection after launch.

site & copy for sarah beth


We took Kimbrali's old wordpress site onto Showit with a simple but fun customization.

Within the first twenty-four hours, she had two wedding inquiries on her new website.  Before that, most of her inquiries were just random e-mails asking for details.  Now, her clients can get to know her amazing personality and then book her straight from the site!

site & copy  for kimbrali boyd


Elle went from a plain Squarespace website to a unique Showit template with customizations.

She's a busy wedding photographer and we worked together to organize her offers better while she was in the middle of selling her house and moving two hours away!  Her site is full of reviews, portfolio work, and truly shows how much she loves what she does.

site for elle frances


Danni couldn't edit her wordpress website, so she booked a VIP day to move to Showit and prep a template.

Danni was totally over trying to figure out how to edit her own website, so she reached out to see if she could move to Showit with a template she found and loved.  I went in and prepped her template so that all she needed to do was log in, switch out some of the copywriting throughout the site, and update a few of the images before hitting Publish.

vip day for danni duck photography


Lainey already had a Showit website, but it was really plain and didn't represent her fun and colorful business.

She wanted a site that felt like an experience and would burst at the seems with color, fun, and her beautiful family photography.  We included her wedding work, too, but because the focus of her business is on family and children, we made sure to keep that at the forefront of her website.

site + copy for Lainey Reed Photography


All of the words throughout your website are included in your own brand voice (and using SEO keywords that will keep you ranking.)

Conversion-Driven Copywriting

With over a decade of professional photography experience, choosing the right images for your website is second nature (and can make or break your site design.)

Professional Image Curation

Before your project, our SEO specialist researches your competitors, keyword strategy, and renames your images so that your website gets traffic to convert into clients.

SEO Strategy & Implementation

what makes a website with coyote different than the rest?

Why we call our websites 'semi-custom' & how it benefits you:

we start with a foundationAL template

Whether you've purchased your own or you choose from our collection, we customize the colors, fonts, layout, and information to fit your brand & vision.

shorter timeline & less revision headache

By going semi-custom, you can expect your website customized much faster and with less intense design decision-making.

lower investment overall with all the benefits

Instead of $8k and months of waiting, our projects range from only $1300-$5000 including SEO & copywriting.

compelling — bold — distinctive


compelling — bold — distinctive


MINIMAL — bold — clean


energetic — happy — clean


compelling — bold — distinctive


compelling — bold — distinctive


compelling — bold — distinctive


included free in your project, completely customized


choose a template here or anywhere

The Signature
Site Launch

powerhouse site & seo

A turn-key, conversion-driven semi-custom Showit website and copywriting experience where we implement your brand voice, offers, and current branding.

Complete with a strategy call, third party integrations, blog setup,  and domain connection. 

Includes SEO with our in-house specialist!

Ranges from $2000-$5000


The time it takes for users to form an opinion about a website is incredibly brief— 





send over your inquiry so we can talk about your goals and how we can get you there, together!


I'll send over a custom proposal for what would align perfectly for you and your business.


love what we come up with? sign on the dotted line and we set a start date for seo + strategy


your website project is underway! we are in touch the entire time to geek out together then launch this thing!

* glass clink*

The Mini Launch

website in (almost) a day

A 2-3 page semi-custom Showit website.

Perfect for your side gig, first years in business, or if you just want a simple niche site that you can be proud of.

Includes light SEO + Copywriting

Starts at $1300+

two days total

Need a logo suite, brand colors, and custom font curation, too?


 Before starting your website, we will create a logo, curate fonts, choose brand colors, and create the brand of your dreams.

Main Logo and Submarks
Brand Color Palette
Custom Brand Font Combination


Need to hash this out?

Book a no-pressure 'Curiosity Call.'

I'll meet you with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine over Google Meet or a simple phone call and we can break down where your business is and where it's going.  Whether you're a brand new start up or have been building your brand for the last decade, my projects are tailored to exactly what you need and nothing more, nothing less.

Let me know that you want a fifteen minute 'curiosity' call to answer all your questions on the inquiry form.

Yes!  Your options are to pay in full, in three installments, or use PayPal credit. PayPal pays in full and you'll have SIX MONTHS interest-free with monthly payments.
It's easy to apply.

do you offer payment plans?

I've been working closely with female entrepreneurs for years through websites/mentorships/e-mail/etc. Some examples would be photographers, doulas, planners, a stock photography shop, bounce house rentals, realtors, influencers, and others.

what industries have you worked with?

If you already have website that just needs updates or a template that you need help prepping before you DIY, a VIP day is perfect for you.  If you want a whole new site and don't want to DIY any portion of it, the full design project is for you.

how do I know if I need a full design project or just a vip day?

Absolutely! One of my favorite things about Coyote Brands is that I include all the copy (words) on your site unless you have a copywriter already hired for your website.

can you write all my copy for my site?

Nope. We have a collection of diverse templates that can be totally customized with additional pages, canvases, and will be totally customized to your brand and business. Or you can bring your own.

do i need a showit template?

A little rapid fire round.

Common Questions

Not at all.  We will build your new site on Showit and then transfer your domain to the new site. You can cancel your membership with Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress right after launching!

is it hard to switch to showit from elsewhere?


say less?

Perfect for template prep, finishing up a website project you started, refreshing your images or copy, or other tasks you just can't get to.

You'll choose your date, pay your deposit, and have a questionnaire sent over to collect all the things I'll need to get started.

Your VIP day will kickoff with a clarity call to go over all the things we have planned to do, then I'll tackle it for you and hand it back that evening with a virtual hug.

Why Showit ?

My love affair with Showit is real.

I've worked across any platform you could imagine: wix, squarespace, wordpress (flothemes), and more.  The ease and creativity that Showit gives us is unmatched.  The cool part is that your blog is actually hosted with Wordpress, which is the most powerful platform for SEO.  They work together perfectly.

From the support chats to the custom mobile versions of your site, you'll fall in love with Showit just like thousands of us already have.

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