the best digital products to sell in 2024

scale your income with passive offers

Imagine getting a payment notification and knowing that you don't need to check your availability - that's passive income and exactly what I teach in The Passive Project.

Maybe your calendar is full but your bank account is not.

You started your business with big income goals and imagined you would be further along, but you only have so many hours per week to work.

For over a decade I traded time for money as a photographer.  Even though I loved my career, I always knew that I needed to learn to scale my business or I would completely burn out.

When I pivoted into business mentorship and marketing, I quickly launched my first digital product - an e-mail marketing course.  After seeing the flood of payments coming in with big results for my students, I was hooked.

who created this?

I'm Courtney - a retired 6f photographer turned web designer and business mentor.

But honestly, my degree in Marketing doesn't hold a candle to what I've learned failing forward for over the last thirteen years.  Both my mistakes and my wins have given me an amazing opportunity to help others take messy action and keep moving forward.

- Courtney, Founder

Messy action brought me digital products and now I'm handing over the playbook for you to create and sell your own passive offers within your business in 2024.

the passive project


Let's get your mind right and your goals mapped out, first.

ideal customer

We'll talk about the two types of ideal customer you'll need to choose between.

passive offer topic

Don't have a topic idea, yet? We'll explore options.

passive offer format

Will it be an ebook? A course? Or something else entirely? I'll explain the pros & cons of each.

how to sell & deliver

You'll want an easy checkout process and hands-off delivery system.

marketing your offer

And last but certainly not least, how can you market your new passive offer?

seasoned pro or newbie?

you may be in year one or year ten in your biz.

If you've only been in business a few months, adding a passive offer early on will only catapult your business further and faster than without it.  With an option for potential clients to get a taste of what you offer, you'll grow both your authority and your income.

If you're like me and multiple years into business, you're most likely ready to scale your reach and your bottom line without adding yet another time consuming service to your offer suite - and you know it's time to create something new to spice things up.

this is for you if:


You're tired of cramming clients into your limited availability to meet your income goals.


You love what you do, but you're tired of burning the candle at both ends.


Waking up to payment notifications sounds like a far fetched dream.


Your business has a slow season, but your incoming bills don't.

This doesn't have to be true, anymore.

who could this benefit, really?

Service-based entrepreneurs

If you have to spend gobs of time to make your money, you're who I had in mind while creating this resource.

Moms with small businesses

I've got three kiddos - our time is precious and very limited.  A passive offer will be a game changer for you.

Newbie business owners

Creating a passive offer upfront will have you soaring past the goals you thought you had realistically set for yourself.

the price

Only $47 for a limited time - grab it now!

I priced this guide so that it's a no brainer for you - a price you can make back in no time once you launch your own passive offer. 

it's time to stop putting off growing your business - you've been stuck long enough.

Too long, didn't read.


+ get your mindset + goals mapped

+ ideate and create your product

+ add the one on one strategy call

+ market & sell it on auto

sound good? let's go.

the passive project

ready to scale?

You'll have instant access to a beautiful, organized e-book with workbook pages throughout to keep you on track.

Don't forget to grab the one on one strategy call at checkout!