you're to do list is about to be a lot shorter

the vip day

Wish you just had someone that could dedicate a full day to your website or copy project so that you can keep focusing on the parts of your business you thrive in?

Sure, you could maybe do it all yourself.

But you have put it off for so long for a reason and the thought absolutely overwhelms you.

We can't be everyone and everything in our business or we would burn the candle at both ends then (you guessed it..) burn TF out.  If creating new pages on your website and other one-off projects sound like the last thing you want to spend your week on, this VIP Day could be your new favorite service.

Outsource it.

I'll take it from here.

At booking, you'll receive a questionnaire to list out all of the tasks you would love to hand over.  The morning of your VIP Day, you'll get a quick call to clarify and make a plan.  By the end of our time together,  you'll be sitting pretty with a done to-do list and a new backend-business friend.

My clients have better things to do and know the value in outsourcing the stuff that takes them too much time and frustration.

During the average VIP Day

Outsource all the things you've been putting off.

+ add pages to your website

+ update images and galleries

+ template prep for diy

+ refresh your copy

+ lots of other web/copy tasks

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Gather your list of website, copy, or other projects and send over a message to make sure I can get what you need done within one power work day.

If so, you'll choose your date, pay your deposit, and have a questionnaire sent over to collect all the things I'll need to get started.

Your VIP day will kickoff with a clarity call to go over all the things we have planned to do, then I'll tackle it for you and hand it back that evening with a virtual hug.


$50 deposit/$700 day before

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