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With a lot of grit and a little luck, you've built a business you love. But are you seen for who you are and what you've got to offer? Branding photography isn't about just a pretty picture to share across social media. The right branding photographer pulls who you are and what you stand for right out of the session and creates a gallery that reignites brand awareness in every shot.

so what is a branding Photography session like?

It's not just showing up and hoping for a few 'good shots.'

Brand photography should be well thought out with true strategy, so I take the time to get to know your business, goals, and what you'll want to use these photos for in the coming year(s).

- Courtney, Photographer

Once we chat about your vision, I help to hone in on what we'll need to make it happen.  Locations, colors, props, and the actions within your photographs all tell your brand story - and we want to tell a good one.

Louisiana Brand Photographer, web designer, and educator

courtney prejean

Armed with an obsession for all things small business, marketing, branding, and photography, I built Coyote Brands to serve my fellow entrepreneurs the best way I know how - offering up all of it to help you grow, too.

I live by a community over competition mindset with the belief that if we show the world who we are and what we have, the right people will find us.

How do we show the world who we are and what we have?  Through marketing: social media, websites, blogs, happy clients, and you guessed it - brand photography.

What can custom brand photography do for your business?


Set yourself apart from the competition - not everyone invests in the right things in their business, but you know how important it is for your audience to *see* you.


Have a robust bank of beautifully branded images to pull from when you're creating content, updating your website, and getting featured.


Stop telling people what you do and just show them - personal brands that showcase their 'behind the scenes' are more trusted and more easy to fall in love with!


Refresh your brand and build strong brand awareness with photos that catch the attention of your potential clients.

It's time to set yourself apart.

Where should your session be? Glad you asked!

Your session could be at your home office, in a studio, outdoors, or wherever aligns with our goals for your session.

After inquiring, we'll have a conversation about our photoshoot strategy - fancy words for 'what job we are giving these images in your business.'  You may want to show your processes -or- just have beautifully branded creative headshots.  This will all play a factor in choosing where we host your brand photography session!

Reach out and let's start planning!

Let's plan your custom branding photography session.

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Whether you're a photographer, fitness professional, artist, interior designer, realtor, stylist, whatever - I want to work with you!

Sessions start at $550+

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