You are determined to DIY your website, but you need a little (okay, maybe a lot) of support.

After noticing that many of my small business friends really wanted to upgrade their websites, but weren't in a place to spend thousands with a designer, I decided to create a guided video course that could take them through all the steps from A to Launch.  Empowering entrepreneurs is kind of my thing, so buckle up and let's do this together.

Watch the first steps to DIY your own website for free, here:

In this free video guide, you'll learn all about how your domain, website platform, and website template work together to give you the internet home of your dreams and help you to build a business you love.

- courtney prejean, web designer

Learn how a domain works and where to get one.

Whether you already have a domain or you need one for your new website, this will give you some clarity.

Get a peek at Showit as a website platform.

You've heard of WIX and Squarespace or maybe even use it and aren't a fan - let's take a look at Showit perks.

Understand templates and how to use them.

I'll show you finding the perfect template can get you halfway to your dream website.

Courtney Prejean

Websites have always been a thing for me.

During over a decade long photography career, my websites were pivotal in growing a 6f business as a mom of three little ones..

I didn't want to spend all my time on social media, so I leaned into creating websites that actually worked for me - giving my potential clients everything they needed to make the decision to schedule a session.

After retiring from full time photography, I knew helping other entrepreneurs do the same was such a natural next step and it has been an honor to work with so many talented photographers, coaches, realtors, home builders, and downright ambitious business owners.

mother of three - photographer - web designer - Marketing mentor