Learn How I use Thrivecart as a Showit Web Designer and Business Coach

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A few years ago, I wanted a cart system to start dabbling in digital products. I got my options down to Kajabi and Thrivecart and ultimately went with Thrivecart because of the one-time payment as opposed to spending $100+ per month.. (I mean, it felt like a super obvious best choice).

Now, as a Showit web designer and business coach, I rely on ThriveCart for selling digital products, my monthly coaching membership (yay for the Thrivecart subscription feature), and even my courses with their Learn+ option.

ThriveCart Review & Benefits

Thrivecart has been pretty seamless for me – it’s easy to create a product, create a checkout page, add upsells, and then add the link to my Showit website. I used Zapier to import customers onto my e-mail list with Flodesk – so easy!

The affiliate program inside of Thrivecart is another huge win, because I can easily set up their percentages and payouts and then they can easily access the affiliate link when they want to share it for some passive income.

Courses Management

So even though I had Thrivecart, for some reason I built my first course ever within something called Podia. After only a month, I realized that I was paying the highest monthly subscription for what I had already paid for within Thrivecart. I easily transferred over my course to the Thrivecart Learn and cancelled $100+/ month with Podia.

The Brave Business Collective

I recently opened up a monthly membership called The Brave Business Collective and used Thrivecart for member sign-ups. Thrivecart has a subscription option with which you can charge monthly, weekly, quarterly, whatever! All I had to do was link the Facebook Group at the product delivery step for members to access the Collective after checkout.

Digital Product Sales

I’m a member of literally 32847 fellow Showit web designers’ affiliate programs and I can only tell you 2-3 of them do not use Thrivecart as their template shop cart system. The majority use Thrivecart and so most of my affiliate links are all within my dashboard – it makes it *so* easy and convenient to grab links as I want to share.

ThriveCart Pricing

Thrivecart ranges from $400-$950 and it’s just a one-time payment and you’re a lifetime member. This is huge, because like I’ve mentioned before, popular platforms charge $100+/month for the same things Thrivecart offers.

I suggest just going with ThriveCart Pro and Learn+ (upgrades). And there are still no monthly subscription costs and no transaction fees.

Get Thrivecart here.

*All blog posts may contain affiliate links, but I only share products I know, love, and trust – promise.

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