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Showit Website Template Discount

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Showit site template for your small business? Whether you’re a photographer, virtual assistant, social media manager, designer, or really any creative entrepreneur.. these Showit designers have created the best Showit templates on the market.

I offer Showit template customizations through Coyote Brands, so trust me when I say I have done my research on the best Showit designers. My clients choose templates from these designers and love to use my discount code to save big bucks! You can use ‘coyote’ at checkout in any of these Showit template shops and save $50-$150+.

Here is my list of the (14) Top Showit Template Designers:

  1. Northfolk – Sam and Rachel have created a suite of high-end, gorgeous, yet robust Showit templates. Code ‘coyote’ for 15% Off

  2. Tonic SIte Shop – Insane Showit template designs (and also social media templates) that’ll elevate your business to the next level.  Code ‘coyote’ for 15% Off

  3. Buffalo Collective – Christina creates the dreamiest websites for photographers and I used her designs in my own photo business. Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off.

  4. Davey & Krista – Empowering you to design your website like you designed your business.  These are clean, high-end, beautiful website templates! Use ‘courtneyprejean’ for this one

  5. Lauren Rich Creative – Lauren is an amazingly talented designer with colorful, edgy, and full designs for super creative small business owners. Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off

  6. Kinhouse Made – Jess & Charis have designed beautiful Showit templates that are for both photographers and service providers and you can use ‘coyote’ for 10% off!

  7. Saffron Avenue – Not only beautiful but strategic. Because having just a beautiful site doesn’t equal conversion. Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off

  8. Tori Aaker – Tori is a personal friend and absolutely talented designer.  Her designs are strategic and versatile, yet so gorgeous. Use ‘courtneyprejean’ for 15% off.

  9. Jennifer Carfora Designs – Jennifer is the Coyote Brands brand designer and her templates are just as impressive as her brand work! Use ‘coyote’ for 10% off

  10. The Studio – Marlinde has created stunning templates for coaches, content creators, social media managers, and photographers. Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off.

  11. Vanilla & Oak – Chanel’s warm & earthy style is so beautiful and her templates are so well done.
    Use ‘coyote’ for 10% off

  12. Superhero Designs – There are *so* many options within the SUPERHERO DESIGNS shop! Use ‘coyote’ for 10% off.

  13. Lennox Creative Co – I’ve worked with Chelsea’s designs and can tell you she puts so much thought into her templates – highly recommend her designs!

  14. Ashley Ferreira Design – High-end mini and full Showit templates that will have your clients falling over to hire you – these are so well done and the lite versions are great for niche businesses.

Choosing a template can be overwhelming… especially since there are so many amazing designers out there creating Showit templates. Here are a few tips to help you decide on the best Showit template:

  • Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. In other words, if you’re a photographer, focus on photography templates. Trying to make a coaching template fit as a photography website is a lot of work (I’ve done it before), but it’s not for the DIYer to do!
  • If you haven’t had branding created for your business (logo, fonts, brand colors, etc.), then it may be a good idea to choose a template that has the vibes/colors/fonts that you love. Changing these in a template when you have no real guidelines to follow can leave you in a big mess.
  • If you get in over your head while you DIY your Showit template, you can book a VIP day with me and I can either prep the entire template for you or finish it up for you to get it launched!

Hope this blog post helps you to find the perfect Showit template for you (and saves you a lot of money, too!) Remember to use ‘coyote’ at checkout and ‘courtneyprejean’ when you sign up for Showit so that you can get a free month!

xo Courtney

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