An Honest Review of Northfolk’s Revolving Revenue Course & Community

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Revolving Revenue Course

The COMPLETE start-to-finish course for Showit DESIGNERS to help build & launch their automated template shop!

* (Minus the mega-overwhelm, multiple missing pieces, and money-left-on-the-table situations!)


After nearly a year within Sam and Rachel’s Revolving Revenue program, I figured it was time share the ins and outs of this course for you guys.

When I first came across REVOLVING REVENUE, I binged the sales page over and over like a total weirdo. I knew that Showit web design was something special, but Sam & Rachel were pulling the curtains back on something we all wondered — how do they create and sell such amazing templates (and how much money are they making by doing so?)

Other questions I had were things like:

  • How do they design each template?
  • How did they decide on their prices?
  • What’s the support process like with a template shop?
  • What programs do they use to organize and sell these so well?
  • And obviously so many more…

I was totally enamored by the thought of getting the inside scoop and following in their footsteps to build a Showit template shop of my own. Can you guess what I did before I finally pulled the trigger and joined?

I scoured the internet for students that would tell me the truth about the course.

So instead of you tracking us all down like a witch hunt (trust me, I have been tracked down just the same as I tracked others down while making my decision..) I decided to write this review for all the world to know the magic that Sam & Rachel have created inside of Revolving Revenue.

By the way, I snuck a screenshot of our trainings so that you could see that RR is *so much more* than how to build a template and sell it on your website. (View below!)

^ Oh, nothing, just extra trainings.

The Northfolk ladies are constantly adding, improving, organizing, helping, coaching, cheering, and of course teaching inside of the intense/insane/incredible program they’ve built.

Students support each other as we launch our shops, troubleshoot templates together, and even jump on live working hours to visit and learn from each other in the community.

If you’re a Showit designer and you would *love* to start creating templates, but you are overwhelmed with the thought of figuring out all of the backend, let me ease your mind.

Sam & Rachel gave me these amazing free resources to share with anyone interested in seeing inside RR.

Try out two of the lessons inside of RR for free, here: TWO FREE LESSONS

View the Canvas Kit included in RR, here: CANVAS KIT

And finally, try out their profit calculator, here: PROFIT CALCULATOR

At the time that I joined Revolving Revenue, I had just retired from over a decade of photography and had started dabbling in Showit Web Design. I didn’t have two nickels to rub together after months of a hiatus from work in general, but I am so glad that I made the financial stretch and jumped into RR.

A year later, I am still learning so much within the program and making lifelong industry friends.

If you’re coming to ask me if you should join RR, if Revolving Revenue is worth the investment, or if I think you would be absolutely mindblown at the care and and attention that Sam and Rachel give to this course… the answer is yes, yes, and hell yes.

You can stop binging the sales page and wondering if it’s as good as it seems. It’s better.

Okay, enough drooling over RR – I’ll just see you inside!

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*All posts may contain affiliate links, but I’ll never share anything I don’t love, trust, and/or haven’t invested in, myself.

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