Why I waited so long for a TONIC Showit Template

Courtney Prejean

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My website is a Tonic Showit Template.

If you’ve been shopping for Showit website templates for any length of time, you must have realized that there are literally thousands to choose from that range anywhere from $100 on Etsy to $1200+ from skilled designers. Not only are the prices dramatically different, but so are the designs.

After customizing countless templates over the years, I have seen the backend of the entire range of Showit templates, so when it came time to level up my own website, I knew I wanted to skip the headache of the cheaper options and truly invest in a *badass* template.

I went back and forth between both TONIC and NORTHFOLK templates for two days before choosing my current site that you’re visiting, now (it was a tight race, I promise)! But why did I wait so long to upgrade to one of the most extensively designed and well-thought-out Showit templates, ever?

Because I kept thinking I could go on making tweaks to my old site as my business grew.

What I didn’t realize was that I had outgrown my site a long time ago and what felt like a little ‘housekeeping’ was truly just putting lipstick on a pig after so many edits. It was truly time to give my services the home they deserve (and reflect the investment my clients make for them).

So many of us find ourselves trying like hell to force our little website theme or template to work for us for years, when our rates have steadily increased along with our skills.

We hold tight to that little old site even though it’s no longer working for us.

But the truth is, the longer we put off investing in quality websites, we are only putting off the ability to attract our dream clients that find us online.

This TONIC Showit template? It paid for itself within days of launching.

It builds trust with my potential clients, helps me to lay out information clearly, and is optimized for SEO so that I’m easily found when someone is looking for what I offer.


So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I waited so long to purchase a TONIC template because I thought I could keep tweaking my old site to smithereens, but I truly wish I had invested in it much sooner. I hope this helps you to realize that your template for 2017 may not be doing you any favors, anymore, and you will consider a total website upgrade in 2024!

You can check out my SHOWIT DESIGNERS page where I lay out a list of template designers that create awesome Showit Website Templates. Let me know which one you end up with!

Til next time!


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*Disclaimer – blog posts may or may not include affiliate links to services or products that I absolutely believe in and have either purchased myself or worked with in the past.

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