5 Best Showit Website Templates for Boudoir Photographers

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Boudoir photographers – you already know that having a specialized website for your *only* your boudoir work can take your business to the next level.. right?

I specialized in boudoir photography for the last bit of my decade-long photography career and it was an absolute dream. I loved helping women to feel beautiful and providing a luxury service in my studio, complete with hair, makeup, wine, a client closet, and then an in-person gallery viewing before helping them choose custom leather albums.

My studio was in a rural area (literally in the middle of a bean field), but I had women traveling 1-2 hours to see me because of my boudoir website.

I showed up on Google when women began their search and my site was fully dedicated to the boudoir portion of my business (no mixing newborn sessions with booty shots on my websites, over here…)

Even if you are a wedding photographer shooting boudoir on the side, having a second website only for boudoir allows for you to truly outline their experience, show your personal boudoir style, and even attract clients that aren’t your brides.

Here is my lineup of the best five Showit website templates that would make an absolutely gorgeous boudoir website.

  1. EMERGE by Tori Aaker

Perfect for moody and bold photographers or those who want to showcase their work and showcase a different client experience. It features moody colors, sophisticated fonts, and offset images that will make any portfolio stand out.

Avg. price: $500
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^ Tori actually took a boudoir site and redesigned it into the Emerge template, so it’s already got all you’ll need to customize it to fit your boudoir photography business.

CHIKARA by Jennifer Carfora

You want a website that feels as sexy and empowering as your work. Enter the Chikara template. Designed to elevate your moody, powerful boudoir photography and show your clients just how incredible they will feel when they work with you.

Avg. price: $600

Use ‘coyote’ for 10% off.

^ Jennifer actually designed Chikara with boudoir images so it’s *really easy* to imagine your work in it. The scrolling transitions in this template really make it a cool experience.

  1. SLOW FOLK by Northfolk

“There is a reason we are known among our followers as the “Queens” of dark and moody! Our Slow Folk template for Showit can turn even the most die-hard light and airy to the dark side.”

Avg. price: $1000 (you can make multiple payments)
Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off.

^ I love the tones already on Slow Folk and think it would go so well with lots of different skin tones in boudoir work (it’s usually a lot of skin…y’know), so I wouldn’t even change the brand colors in this template.

  1. PALMA by Saffron Avenue

“Palma is an easy-to-edit, drag-and-drop Showit Website Template that is editorial, modern, balanced, sophisticated and stylish. Perfect for creative flexibility and businesses who want a website that stands out.”

Avg. price: $1000 (you can make multiple payments)

Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off.

^ Palma actually has a different main image on the Saffron Avenue website, but this was the alternate home page layout and it’s perfect for a boudoir photography site.

  1. CLOVER CLUB by Tonic

“Meet the cure for the common wedding photography website. Our Clover Club Showit Website Template is a refined, fine art, high-impact design built for photographers, designers, wedding professionals, and other visual brands.”

Avg. price: $1000 (you can make multiple payments)
Use ‘coyote’ for 15% off.

^ Clover Club would be amazing for a high-end film boudoir photographer that specializes in more romantic, watercolor-vibe boudoir work.

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