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Showit Web Designer Courses

The Ultimate Showit Design Course Guide: Everything You Need to Become a Web Designer

Are you dreaming of becoming a Showit web designer as either a side gig or your full-time career? Between Becca Luna, Northfolk, and Rebel & Rise, I’ve got some great education recommendations to help you get there.

My addiction to online education is one of my best qualities (unless you ask my husband, in which he would say that it’s one of my most questionable…). When I was ready to get serious about web design as a business, I knew I wanted a little more than just my own trial and error within the Showit design platform.

In this post, I’ll list out some of the Showit education courses I’ve taken and/or heard so much about so that you can make your own decisions on which would meet you where you are in your Showit designer journey (and possibly start your own web design business).

Let’s get started!


When I first came across Wealthy Web Designer by Becca Luna, it was really the first time that I thought being a Showit Web Designer was even a possibility and I absolutely loved her down-to-earth teaching style and willingness to share everything.

Becca Luna and Willow Kai have launched multiple programs since WWD so I’ll share a few of them in hopes that one will benefit you. You can use ‘AMBASSADOR10’ for a discount on any of these since I’m an affiliate after taking Wealthy Web Designer! Becca Luna education is such a great option:


Another great Showit designer course out there is called SHOWIT ALL by Katie with Rebel & Rise. Katie is one of the best humans on the internet and the reviews for this course will have you signing up yesterday. I reached out to Katie and she gave me a super generous coupon code for my people, so you can use ‘coyote’ for $100 off. If you want to learn Showit, this is the course for you.


And last, but certainly not least, if you’re already designing in Showit and you’re interested in scaling with templates, Revolving Revenue by Sam and Rachel with Northfolk is a program that I’ve been in for a year now and I can wholeheartedly say that it is worth every penny and then some.

The program is so interactive, a great community of designers, and full of trainings way beyond just Showit templates. I wrote a more in-depth review here if you want to know more, but if you want to visit the Revolving Revenue page to see if it’s for you, here’s the link and you can also use ‘coyote’ for a $600 discount on Revolving Revenue.

You can even use their free PROFIT CALCULATOR to see what kind of income you could create with Showit templates in your design business.

Why Taking a Showit Design Course is beneficial?

So you might be wondering, ‘Why should I even bother taking a course? Can’t I just figure it all out myself?’

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been down that Google rabbit hole, scouring forums and watching endless YouTube videos. But here’s the thing: while self-teaching is great, it’s like the scenic route—you’ll get there eventually, but it’s going to take way longer.

Courses are like your GPS for success, giving you a shortcut to all the need-to-know stuff without the fluff. Plus, they’re curated by pros who’ve already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. It’s like getting a recipe handed to you, instead of having to experiment and accidentally burning the cake a few times. Trust me, taking a Showit design course is your fast-track ticket to becoming a Showit pro.

Why being a website designer is one of the best careers

Besides the fact that literally every business needs a website, it’s also a job that offers a ton of flexibility. Work from home in your PJs, at a beach in Bali, or from a chic co-working space. The world—or rather, the web—is your oyster.

And let’s talk money and creativity. As a website designer, you’re in a field where you can make great money. But the cherry on top? With Showit, you can even create templates and earn passive income—talk about a win-win! Plus, this job lets your creativity flourish. You get to design, solve problems, and make the internet a prettier place, all while earning a paycheck. What’s not to love?

How Much Can Website Designers Make?

You’re not just in it for the love of design, I get it—there’s the moolah to consider. Website designers can make a pretty penny, you know. Freelancers can charge anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour, while full-time roles offer salaries that can range from $50k to well over $100k a year. And if you get really good, the sky’s the limit!

Why Showit is a Game-Changer in the World of Website Builders

Now, let’s talk about why Showit is the bee’s knees. First off, its drag-and-drop interface is a total game-changer. No coding needed—yay! Plus, it’s super customizable, which means your creative juices can flow freely. And did I mention it’s great for SEO? If you’re in it for the long game, Showit is your go-to.

How Becoming a Showit Design Partner Can Level Up Your Career

Showit has a ‘Showit Design Partner’ program. It’s an elite group of designers that have to pass a series of requirements to join. Once you have, you get:

  • Listing on our Designers resource page for customer referrals
  • Qualify to submit designs for consideration in the Showit Design Market and earn commissions on sales.
  • Exclusive Design Partner Slack Group
  • Invites to exclusive Design Partner events
  • Use of Showit Design Partner badge on your site

Becoming a Showit Design Partner can seriously level up your career. Not only do you get to showcase your designs in the Showit Design Market, but you also get direct referrals from Showit. It’s like being part of an exclusive club where everyone’s super talented and creative. It’s more than a resume booster; it’s a whole community waiting to support you.

Conclusion: Whether you’re just toying with the idea of becoming a Showit web designer or you’re ready to take your design game to the next level, the Showit design courses and community have got something for everyone. From flexing your creative muscles to potentially earning passive income with your own Showit templates, the opportunities are endless.

Not to mention, by taking a Showit design course, you’re putting yourself on the fast-track to not just being a designer but a successful one at that. So why wait? Dive in, learn from the best, and let your Showit designer journey begin

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