Tired of relying on social media to build your business?

seo for wedding photographers and more

That's because it was never meant to be your entire marketing strategy - you should have a strong foundation in place, too.

I know, search engine optimization isn't the fun, sexy option.

SEO isn't the new shiny strategy on TikTok. It's foundational marketing - and that's why it may be exactly what you're missing.

We've been lied to, really. We are told that all of our clients are on social media and while yes, that may be true, so is every other small business just like yours (hello, competition.)

It's more rare that a small business puts time or money behind their SEO strategy,  and that could mean big things for your small business if you do.

so, how does it work?

Showing up when potential clients are looking for you is really, really important.

Maybe they're looking for venues you love to work with, vendors that compliment your services, or to find your offers in the same towns you travel to.  Having content on your website for all of those things means that you show up where you're most wanted - in their search results.

This takes some research (keyword research, actually) to find the exact phrases people are searching for and how many people are competing for those keywords in your niche - and how can we use those the right way on your website.

You're about to be found.

how to show up on google search

google my business

Set up your Google My Business in a few easy steps on google.com/business

7 day intensive

Have your current website audited, optimized, and edited - no stone left unturned.

seo blogging

Have SEO optimized content added to your blog to stay relevant and move up in ranks.

what about results?

Let's talk about your return on investment with SEO.

Spending money on what will seem like 'unseen' marketing efforts may feel strange - trust me, I know.  The truth is, none of your potential clients will even know that you've invested in SEO (and they don't need to.)

SEO is a long game strategy, but can bring in hella good ROI.  Your chances of getting seen in the sea of competing entrepreneurs goes way up and so does your ability to book your dream clients without showing up everyday.  The return on SEO is a slow start, but ramps up every single month, forever.

Researching relevant keywords based on industry, competition, and
target audience. Identifying short-tail and long-tail keywords. Analyzing competitors' keyword strategies. Mapping selected keywords to specific pages. Providing a list of potential blog topics.

showit seo services

for photographers, coaches, creatives, & local businesses

7 day intensive with our seo coach

My personal favorite - take your SEO to the next level in only seven days - buckle up.

Our SEO specialist will not only deep dive into your business and goals, but teach you so much about SEO that you'll feel totally confident in your investment and your results.  From your Google My Business all the way through to every link on your site will be audited and optimized.  Keyword research, competitor analysis, you'll get it all.

$1800 one time

seo blogging

Throwing random blogs up on your site isn't doing any good, is it?

This package includes two keyword-rich blog posts per month to start moving your business up in ranks and into your potential clients search engine results.  Well written with curated images - pass the blogging off and know that it's a solid marketing strategy for your growing business.

$400/mo for 3 months min.

keyword research package

Are you a DIYer but want the best foundation to start with? Get a full report for your SEO efforts.

$750 one time

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I want us all to win.

I’m Courtney and my work revolves around your business goals.

I retired from over a decade of full time photography and pivoted right into mentorship & Showit web design so that I could deep dive into your business and help you grow year over year.

My vision for Coyote Brands has always been to feel like a friend in your business - a partner that actually hears you and cares about the things you struggle with. With a marketing degree and an obsession with personal growth, I am in love with linking arms with  entrepreneurs and moving forward together.

mother of three - photographer - web designer - business coach